kW2 has begun

I still haven’t settled on a title for the sequel for kDira’s World, but work on the second book in the series has begun.  Working on tying up some loose ends, and settling some old scores.  Very excited to be writing again.  Stay tuned!

Editing kDira’s World

Been spending every free moment editing kDira’s World.  I have another person also going through the book, but I am trying to get the book finished completely and published by the the end of the month, when my pre-order period runs out and it is supposed to be live on Amazon. This book has certainly been an adventure.  I am re-reading as I proof, and I am finding that I really, really like this story, and that I meet my stride about 1/3rd of the way into the story.  Now I am re-writing bits of it so that the beginning … Continue reading “Editing kDira’s World”

Other Books by k.R. McClellan

Nora’s Ark A heartwarming story of Nora Walker, and her controversial Ark. Nora lived in the small dying town of Summerset Valley, a town drying up after the railroad stopped running back in the 1980’s. Then a turn of events takes place that changes her life, and those around her forever. Nora is convinced she must build an Ark in the same vein as Noah’s Ark, much to the dismay of her son Gabriel. Gabriel and his girlfriend Sarah learn a new meaning to the words faith and love. The town learns a new meaning to the word neighbor. From … Continue reading “Other Books by k.R. McClellan”

kDira’s World

The thick green leaves above shielded much of the light from making it to the path below.  The smell of damp moss and vegetation was a welcome sensation to the senses of the two Blackhorn warriors below.  The Kaiba Forest was peaceful and alive this time of year.  And it was green, very green. Occasionally one could hear the scampering of small animals running for safety behind some fallen logs, or birds taking flight from the branches high above.  Sometimes small furry creatures could be seen hopping from branch to branch above, often knocking small twigs or seeds to the … Continue reading “kDira’s World”