Winter’s Reign

When a nuclear meltdown forces kDira and the Blackhorn westward in search of a new place to call home, they could not imagine the hardships that would await them. When they meet the Ravengard, it all sounds too good to be true. The Queen of the Ravengard rules her kingdom, and now the Blackhorn, with an iron fist. Will kDira put up with it and submit to becoming Ravengard herself? Adversity produces new leaders and new heroes. But some may not survive to discover how it all turns out. Will you? In this, the third book in the kDira’s World … Continue reading “Winter’s Reign”

Hayden’s Curse Coming Early August

Between fighting illnesses, work, getting a tooth pulled, a CT scan (cancer screening), and taking care of the family, I have managed to get Hayden’s Curse; Book 2 in the kDira’s World Chronicles to over 28,000 words.  I am very pleased with the way this book is going, and I honestly believe it is my best work yet. The character development is far better than kDira’s World (kW1), and I have really tried hard to give the whole thing a lot more life. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with kW1, and wouldn’t changed at thing, but it … Continue reading “Hayden’s Curse Coming Early August”

kDira’s World Relaunched!

Finally, after struggling over whether I should release kDira’s War as a sequel to kDira’s World, I have followed though with combining kDira’s War into kDira’s World to make an almost 80,000 word full length novel.  I feel that the book is much stronger now, and I have even written a new Chapter 1 to start it off much stronger.  I am new to this whole writing thing, so I guess a few stumbles as I get started is to be expected.  A new book two is in the works, so there will certainly be a follow-up to kDira’s World.  … Continue reading “kDira’s World Relaunched!”

Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful 6

While kDira’s World is out to the editors I decided to work on another book; something completely different from kW.  My latest is Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful 6 (title subject to change without notice, void where prohibited).  Johnny Rockett is about this space trucker in his mid to late twenties that finds himself smuggling six beautiful women across space to even the score of a past wrong doing.  Without giving anything away, be ready to read about boobs, and poop, and rockets.  And space stuff.  Did I mention the six beautiful babes?

First Chapter Finished

Yup, I finished the first chapter.  Not of the SECOND book, but the FIRST.  I woke up this morning and the thought hit me that I missed a great way to start the book that would hook and build the reader’s interest that I just had to sit down and bang out 1,500 words and create a whole new beginning to the book. So I sent the new first chapter off to my beta readers with glowing reviews, then off to my editor who also agreed that it was a far better start to the book.  I am really excited … Continue reading “First Chapter Finished”

Rough Start to Next Book

The second half of kDira’s World is now sitting with the editor and I have had the itch to start the next book in the series.  But it has been tough.  Last Thursday my beloved pet of five years took ill suddenly and passed away.  She was my constant companion, always lying next to my chair as I wrote.  To go back in to begin typing the first of the new book was very difficult for me.  It still is.  But the book isn’t going to write itself. So I have begun, now 2,000 words into the second book.  Confused? … Continue reading “Rough Start to Next Book”

kDira’s World Swag!

Merchandising is everything, these days.  Time to announce the new line if kDira’s World merchandise available through Cafepress.  My personal favorite is the Hayden Suck’s t-shirt. Now if I could just get Hasbro to come out with a line of kDira’s World action figures… Get your kDira’s World gear HERE.

kW2 is Finished and Off to the Editor

Well, kW2 is finished and in the capable hands of my proofreaders. I have a bit of empty nest syndrome with this “nothing to do” feeling. I feel like I should be pounding away at the keyboard. Strange feeling… I am very happy with the way I wrapped this book up, and it is left with a path to a sequel.  I can’t wait to see it in print, and get some feedback from you readers.

Great Review for Nora’s Ark

Today I got what was easily one of my most cherished reviews to date.  Becket is the personal assistant to Ann Rice (Author of the Vampire Chronicles, among others), and an author himself. Got a message from him last night and I couldn’t get to sleep after reading it. (Thanks Hope, for putting me in contact with him!) “Ken, thank you for sharing your novella. I really enjoyed it! Your story is spiritually uplifting and was a delight to read. The theology is sound and the spiritual elements are all inspiring. Nora, Gabriel, and Sarah are all delightful characters, and … Continue reading “Great Review for Nora’s Ark”

kW2 is officially titled kDira’s War

I am currently about 25% done writing kDira’s War.  I am very excited about this second book.  It actually picks up about 5 days prior to the first book ending.  I have taken a hard look at some of the other characters that I introduced in the first book, as well as introducing some new ones.   This book is building up to something big, but I won’t spoil the fun.  You will have to wait for it to be released to find out what it is all about!  Stay tuned!