Finally, after struggling over whether I should release kDira’s War as a sequel to kDira’s World, I have followed though with combining kDira’s War into kDira’s World to make an almost 80,000 word full length novel.  I feel that the book is much stronger now, and I have even written a new Chapter 1 to start it off much stronger.  I am new to this whole writing thing, so I guess a few stumbles as I get started is to be expected.  A new book two is in the works, so there will certainly be a follow-up to kDira’s World.   Expect KW2, tentatively titled Hayden’s Curse to come out in August, 2018.

Until then, I hope you enjoy kDira’s World, and if you like it, please leave me feedback on Amazon.  The book can be ordered from the link on the left side of the page, and be sure to check out my other works, Nora’s Ark and Rust.