The second half of kDira’s World is now sitting with the editor and I have had the itch to start the next book in the series.  But it has been tough.  Last Thursday my beloved pet of five years took ill suddenly and passed away.  She was my constant companion, always lying next to my chair as I wrote.  To go back in to begin typing the first of the new book was very difficult for me.  It still is.  But the book isn’t going to write itself.

So I have begun, now 2,000 words into the second book.  Confused?  Well, what I was calling KW2, or kDira’s War, has now become the second half of kDira’s World (book 1).  For those of you that downloaded or purchased kDira’s World already, Part 2 will be available by itself, and as soon as I can I will offer a free download so you can have the full book without having to buy “the full book”.

For those of you that are following along, the working title for the NEW Book 2 will be kDira’s Winter.  Why?  Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find the meaning.

Thanks for following along.