Nora’s Ark

A heartwarming story of Nora Walker, and her controversial Ark. Nora lived in the small dying town of Summerset Valley, a town drying up after the railroad stopped running back in the 1980’s. Then a turn of events takes place that changes her life, and those around her forever. Nora is convinced she must build an Ark in the same vein as Noah’s Ark, much to the dismay of her son Gabriel. Gabriel and his girlfriend Sarah learn a new meaning to the words faith and love. The town learns a new meaning to the word neighbor. From the Author: Nora’s Ark is a Novella of just under 20,000 words, and is my second book on Amazon. I first had the idea for this book back in 2006, and after banging out a whole chapter and a half, the story sat, unfinished on my computer for 11 years. Now, with the whip cracking of my loving wife, I present to you Nora’s Ark. I hope you enjoy this short read as much as I did finally bringing it to you.

“Hi Ken
I just wanted to thank you for sharing the story of Nora’s Ark with us.  I finished the story today and I can’t believe how much it affected my heart.  It has moved me in a very positive way.  Thank you again for your kindness of sharing.”  ~ Kris Nielsen




Rust is a short story about Bella, a young lady trying to find her way in life. With the help of an imaginary friend named Rust, she found the path to happiness. Follow Bella in her adventures through life as she grows into a fine young lady with the guidance of her friend Rust. Sometimes a friend is all you need, even if you are the only one that can hear him. From the book…

“As she strode deeper and deeper into the woods, she felt a certain calm come over her. The shade seemed to cool her off, and her mind cleared bit-by-bit. It felt good, and she’d done this many times before. But never before had she wandered quite this deep, into the woods behind her house. She wasn’t scared, because she never felt alone. She felt a comfort here that she felt nowhere else. Somehow being alone made her feel safe. It was then that she heard it. Or at least she thought she heard it. “Princess…” It was a whispered tone. It was so quiet that she wasn’t even certain that it was actually a sound. It was more of a thought placed in her mind. Had she imagined it? Who was Princess? She walked on, though now a little more cautiously. She wasn’t scared, not yet, but she knew she should take care into continuing on. “Princess…” There it was again. She was certain she heard it that time. “Who’s there?” she asked into the empty air. There was no answer. ”

“I have a confession. I got home and put your books on the shelf. Didn’t think about them until today. I just read Rust….cover to cover, and I got to tell you my friend, you moved me. This was exactly as I remember my oldest girl feeling as she grew up. You hit a nerve, and I think it’s a damn home run. I don’t know if I can review this book on Amazon, since I didn’t technically buy it there, but if I can, you’ll get a glowing review from me. Now I’m about to start Nora’s Ark, and look forward to figuring out how I can get a copy of kDira’s World. Of course, you are gonna have to sign a copy and send it to me. My set won’t be complete without it. Kudo’s my friend, that’s an awesome job.” ~ Tracy Howell